The Alberta Sport Connection's sport programs help build leaders, nurture talent, and enhance community vitality.

We are honoured to play a role in life-changing opportunities for Albertans, whether it's helping someone earn their coaching certificate, promoting youth development or participating in an exchange program.

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Canadian Sport For Life

Learn about how Alberta is involved in the CS4L sport and physical activity programs for Canadian children.

CS4L is a national movement to strengthen the Canadian sport system. It delivers sport and physical activity programs for children based on their mental and physical stage of development.

Underrepresented Groups

Alberta Sport Connection provides program and project funding to organizations that work with underrepresented groups, including the Steadward Centre and the Indigenous Sports Council of Alberta.

This directly helps Albertans with disabilities, girls and women, aboriginals, and new Canadians get involved in sport.

Alberta's Future Leaders

The Alberta's Future Leaders Program (AFL) is a community and youth development program that uses sports, recreation, arts and leadership activities to provide First Nations and M├ętis youth with active, positive alternatives to unhealthy lifestyles.

Entering into a 3-year partnership with the AFL program, partner communities host two trained Youth Mentors who run youth-focused activities and trips from May to August for 3 consecutive years.

Alberta's Future Leaders Program

Sport Organizations Development & Funding

Alberta Sport Connection provides many services that have an impact on Provincial Sport Organizations and the provincial sport delivery system. These Sport Organizations are regarded as the foundation for leadership and the development of sport in Alberta.

Alberta Sport supports PSOs, DSOs, and MSOs with leadership and educational opportunities to assist with governance, strategic planning and other organizational issues to ensure Provincial Sport Organizations are effective and accountable for resources.

Find information about the ADP Grant here.

Leadership Development

Alberta Sport Connection provides many services to assist with the development of Coaches/Officials throughout the province. Grants are provided to organizations to host coaching and official clinics, to bring in outside Coaches/Officials to further their education.

Alberta Sport Connection provides education and leadership development opportunities for the Provincial Sport system. We also coordinate the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) multi-sport workshops.

Alberta acknowledges athletes/teams, coaches, coach developers, officials and sport volunteers through recognition awards.

Alberta Sport Development Centres (ASDCs)

We support a network of ASDCs across the province. These centres enhance and coordinate services available to Alberta's emerging athletes and coaches.

International Sport Exchange

Learn how Alberta and our athletes, coaches and officials benefit from exchanges with sister provinces in Asia.

Sport Awards

Our Awards programs celebrate the athletes, coaches and volunteers who help elevate sport in Alberta.

Sport Links

Our website provides many links to sport organizations and resources. Take a look here.

Striving for Excellence in Sport