Board of Directors


Alberta Sport Connection Board of Directors - Recruitment

The Minister of Culture and Tourism is currently seeking applications from individuals interested in serving as Chair, Vice Chair and Board members of the Alberta Sport Connection (ASC). A public Agency Recruitment Posting and related advertising has been initiated.

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Chair/ViceChair/Board Member - Alberta Sport Connection


The Alberta Sport Connection mandate is to develop and maintain sports programs, facilities and services: and to raise funds to be used in assisting the corporation in the carrying out of its objectives

The Alberta Sport Connection is an agency of the Government of Alberta, dedicated to the development of sport from the grassroots to high-performance. A Provincial Corporation, our mission is to enhance, advocate and inspire participation and partnership as Albertans strive for excellence in sport. Our vision is for Alberta to be the premier sport delivery system in Canada.


Current Board Members:


Mr. John Short, Edmonton (Bio)


Mr. Wade Kolmel, Fort McMurray (Bio)

Ms. Kelly Blackshaw, BPE, CEP, Calgary (Bio)

Mr. Cameron W.T Hodgson, Calgary (Bio)

Mr. LeRoy D. Johnson, Camrose (Bio)

Mr. Michael J. Laffin, QC, Calgary (Bio)

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lloyd Bentz